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Experienced Travel and Article Writer

I have over three hundred and fifty travel related articles and poems published throughout the world wide web. After becoming somewhat disillusioned with the way I have been treated by some of these other sites I have decided to print my own tales here. As time moves on I will put each travel article into its own section of the world for which I believe it belongs. These are mostly my personal experiences, some good some bad, as I have made my way more than once around the world.

At the last count I have visited 28 countries in Europe, North America and Asia and as yet have not been south of the Equator. I am currently working on a year long contract teaching English in Sichuan province in China. This is my second working visit to this country having previously been here during 2007-8. Many of my visits overseas have been for extended periods of time as i prefer this type of travel to the conventional two week vacation or holiday that the majority of visitors get to endure once or twice a year. i love my current choice of combining working with travelling as I get to discover a country and its culture with far more depth than any two weeks in the sun could ever do.

I hope you enjoy reading of my travels as much as I have enjoyed undergoing and writing about them.
thanks for taking the time to read this
John Smither.

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