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I first arrived in Belize in 1978, I was still in my late teens and this was my first overseas posting as a British soldier. I enjoyed my eight month tour of duty in the former British colony and had not returned until 2009 and an opportunity arived so that I could spend a few months looking around the small country as well as doing some volunteer work to help boost my ever dwindling savings and enable me to stay literally until the final few pennies were spent, here are some of my stories and tales  written during my time in the tropical paradise of the beaches and the hot and sultry jungles of this fascinating country.

Arriving into Belize.

Yesterday we rode the bus

Bought our tickets with little fuss

The five hour ride from heaven

In fact turned into seven

Many miles of condo/hotel resort

We witnessed from our chosen transport

We had hoped for beautiful views

Not this adding to someone's revenues

Finally arriving in Chetumal

Into the middle of this urban sprawl

A few miles on we reached the border

Which soon we had crossed, all was in order

Now we had a choice on how best to proceed

Fly, take another bus or hire a car, get to the first town we agreed

Too late that day for a flight

If that was our choice we would have to stay a night

Buses were not so good after Mexico

If this we chose, we would not be there until tomorrow

The taxi we used offered to take us to our destination

A fair price was quoted; we were on our way to our final location

The driver stated that we would get there in hours five

In fact it took somewhat longer than that to arrive

Time to travel in both Mexico and Belize

Is at a different pace, than that which we are led to believe

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